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Our Story

Georgia Quality Restorations founder, Jose Garcia, is an experienced tradesman and contractor with a strong commitment to his family as well as personal and professional values. He started the restoration company after spending almost three weeks in the ICU for Coronavirus in 2020. He knew it was time to put his decades long experience in the industry to work for his family and their future. 


The roofing, siding, and renovation crews at Georgia Quality Restorations are like family to us, just like the homeowners and partners we have built relationships with over the years. We are honored to have the opportunity to continue that tradition in the years to come.

Meet The Team


Jose Garcia

Owner, Contractor

Jose is from a small town in Honduras and has a deep love for the country and his family. He has three beautiful daughters and a son with his adoring wife. He has over 25 years experience in almost every area in the construction industry. His personal integrity and values have allowed him to build contacts and relationships all over the country, building a far reaching network of partners and possibilities for future project partnerships. His main focuses are his family, his commitment to his word, and the work he does for Georgia Quality Restorations. He also loves Atlanta United.


Idalia Reyes

Project Manager

Hello, my name is idalia Reyes. I'm a specialist in roofing and advertising. I am quite proud of the work Georgia Quality does and am happy to be a part of the team! We are dedicated as a company to helping you during the time we work with you, and will be with you every step of the way. The crews do the best in what they do and I will do my best as well to contribute to our team and collaborate with you on your home projects. We will do our best to deliver the results that you are envisioning for your home!